We accelerate
Cell Therapy.

Cellerata is your dedicated partner for professional project management consulting in Cell and Gene Therapy. Our team offers strategic guidance and practical solutions tailored to your unique challenges of the Cell and Gene Therapy field. We bridge the gap between research and medicinal products, fast-tracking therapies to patients. Our expertise optimizes resources and fosters collaboration among developers, manufacturers, suppliers, and specialized clinical centers.

What We Offer

Cellerata provides comprehensive consulting and project management services for cell therapy product development, Tech Transfer, GMP manufacturing, and clinical supply. Our customized IT solutions leverage predictive ERP and lean management to enhance sourcing and manufacturing processes for innovative Medicinal Products. With our interactive digital Project Management platform, we plan projects based on lean value streams in ERP, optimizing manufacturing processes through digitalization of Products, Processes, and Resources (PPR). This ensures efficiency from scientist to patient, promoting transparency, efficiency, and resource management across the value chain. Enhance GMP batch productions and increase accessibility to affordable Cell and Gene Therapies for patients.

Accelerate the Delivery of Your Cell and Gene Therapy Products.

Why Work With Us?

We have the experience and expertise to drive and deliver your project in a multidimensional, digital and interactive format. We transform your project in a challenging context of changing standards and requirements.

We systematically analyse and track project progress and help you to implement continuous improvements in processes and interactions as a self-organizing, IT supported, easy to use and learning system.

We enable our clients to optimize the manageability of processes in a digital environment and the integration of machine solutions in the human workspace.

We create the frameworks that enable you to integrate and digitalize processes with knowledge and know-how at multiple levels.